Barista Bath and Body (B3)

Barista Bath and Body B3 Packaging Design by Zoom Creates and Robin Budd @robinbudd

CMN was ready to launch its organic, coffee-based body product line, Barista Bath & Body, into the retail market. We worked with the client to design the B3 brand with a clean, modern aesthetic. The color palette evoked coffee with deep brown tones and gave a sense of luxury with warm silvery metallic. We used rich, textural photography to create a visual feel of coffee as the key ingredient and distinguishing factor in the product line. Contemporary design elements paired with bold photography tied the materials together.

Client: Barista Bath & Body
Role: Designer
Project Deliverables: Branding & Identity, Stationary and Print Collateral, Packaging, Website Design
Photography: Diana Sell
Agency: Zoom Creates



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