New Redmond Hotel

New Redmond Hotel Logo Design by Robin Budd @robinbudd

The New Redmond Hotel is a historic 1928 hotel located in Redmond, Oregon. Featured prominently in downtown Redmond, the previously unused hotel is in the process of being purchased and will be then upgraded to meet the requirements of today’s traveler. With plans to keep the building authentic to its era, the hotel was also in need of updated branding that is both a nod to the future updates and still reflective of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau roots of its past. The logo contains modern meets traditional typography, decorative shapes and a rich color palette, providing an experience that can only be matched by a visit to the hotel.

In tandem with the new branding, the hotel also needed a way to gear up to its opening date and get the community and investors excited for what’s to come. We worked with the new ownership to create a single, scrolling splash page that touches on the historic nature of the hotel and beauty of the surrounding area. The splash page will be used to inform and encourage viewers to get updates on the hotel’s progress.

Client: New Redmond Hotel
Role: Art Director and Designer
Project Deliverables: Branding & Splash Page Design, Minor Copywriting
Agency: Zoom Creates



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